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    Biography of Dr Irina Webster

Dr Irina Webster MD (retired) is the Director of Women Health Issues one of the Australia leading suppliers of information on women health and especially on eating disorders.
She is creator of Women health Site and Eating Disorder Home Treatment Program that she developed based on her own personal experience with an eating disorder and many years of experience in this field.  She has been working with eating disorder sufferers for 10 years. As Featured On Ezine Articles
Dr Irina Webster is one of the Expert Authors featured in Ezine Articles writing about eating disorder. She has also been published in many others magazines and news papers.

She is also a passionate educator regarding eating disorders. She does free educational seminars and workshops around the world on eating disorder treatments, education and management. 

 Dr Irina Webster was working in the Canberra Hospital (Australia) up to 2007. At the moment she is on sabbatical and continues her research into mind/body medicine studying the subconscious mind and its role in the development of eating disorders.

Dr Irina uses a holistic approach to medicine and treats her patients from a whole person point of view. She takes into consideration not only the medical problems of a person, but also the personal circumstances of each patient, their upbringing, developmental issues as well as racial, educational and social issues.

Over the years she has attended a number of medical, psychological and holistic medicine sessions in Russia regarding eating disorder treatment including:
- “Advanced Strategies for Eating Disorders Treatment” (October1998 - May 1999)
- “Distorted Body Image: Broken Eye Syndrome” (November 1997)
- “Adolescence is dangerous time for developing an eating disorder”.(January 1997)
- “Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Eating Disorders Treatment”. (April 1998
- “Physiology and Psychology of Eating Disorders.” ( November1999)
- “Family Therapy for Eating Disorder Patients.” (June 2000
- “Eating Disorders and Media.” (February 2001)

Dr Irina Webster has also attended many seminars about changing mind and perception including seminar by Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Dr Denis Whitley, Zig Ziglar, Dr Demartini  and Stuart Wilde.

Other information...
Dr Irina Webster has been married to William for 10 years. She has one daughter Natasha (aged 20). They all live in Canberra (the capital of Australia).
She is now concentrating on-line counseling for eating disorder sufferers.

She is also writing a book about eating disorder which has been released.

She owns...
More than 500 books on personal development and eating disorder subject, plus educational CD and video set filling two bookcases.

Dr Irina’s main hobby is traveling. She enjoys learning about different people, history and different cultures. She has also done much research on how different people from different cultures are affected by eating disorders and what is the link between eating disorders and cultural differences.
She travels to 2-3 countries every year. And all the time she is in another country, she talks to people and continues her research into people’s eating habits and how these habits affect their mental state.




Dr Irina Webster MD